Hot safari


If you are looking for a slot machine that gives the highest payout or has the longest lasting bet then look no further than Hot Safari! Hot Safari is a slot game that offers players the chance to earn maximum points while at the same time having the most fun! Game play: Hot Safari. Designer: Pragmatic Game. Reels: 5 + 2 Multiplier Reels.

The object of the game is for you to uncover the mythical creature known as the Hot Safari and bring it back to life by striking it with coins inserted in certain slots. You can win the game on a straight hit or by spinning all the way around as well. To get the best odds at striking it big, you should always try to stick to the following criteria when trying to strike it big and earning big payouts in the process:

Bonus Double. Hot Safari is one of the very few slot casino games that offer double the payout in cash. The way this works is that after you have made the initial deposit you can choose to double your money through the use of bonus double. This means that after depositing just $100 you can choose to double your money up to a total of just over two hundred dollars.

Symbol Pull. What makes Hot Safari a truly unique game is that it is not like any other offering in the slots world. After selecting the correct icon from a spinning wheel that appears on the reel portion of the machine you will have to manually pull symbols from the symbol list that are drawn. Once you have pulled the symbols, the icons will automatically be withdrawn from the reels without you having to select them again.

Scatter. This is the second basic rule behind Hot Safari’s amazing winning rate; players must scatter the icons that appear on the hot reels. Players must scatter as many symbols as possible but it is advised that the more scatter the better, since the more scatter there is, the greater the amount of wins that players will have.

Bonus Features. The Hot Safari bonus features that allow you to win real money off of the slot machines at all times are called the jackpot, and they do not last forever. What is more, the jackpots reset depending on how many players are left in a tournament, ranging from a few hundred up to a few thousand. Players can also cash in their winnings for gift cards, entries into monthly drawings, and entry into special contests and activities.

Hot Safari and other slot machines like it makes for some great entertainment at home or while you’re out and about. It is easy to understand why it’s become so popular, even though winning and keeping the money in your pocket can be hard. When you play the Hot Safari you get to keep your money when you leave, which is nice, especially considering the numerous jackpot games that offer a small prize. These machines also have bonus features that can make playing them more fun. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something a little more challenging, these Hot Safari slot machines should fit the bill.